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Agora Downtown Coffee Shop ★★★★

One of the oldest houses in Fredericksburg, VA., nestled in the downtown area, you will find Agora Downtown Coffee Shop.

Can I just say that this cafe is one of the cutest places I have visited to date! It is a house, (built in 1787) converted to a coffeehouse full of used books.

There are so many little rooms and nooks that you can either enjoy a quiet moment alone or with friends. I love the fact that this cafe was opened by and run by two sisters. Having a sister myself that I am close to, this place and the owners really resonated with me.


My experience here was too brief because I was short on time that day. I walked in, ordered a black coffee, took a quick walk through the place and then had to be on my way.

The roaster is Rick’s Roasters, a local company that serves up a smooth roast.

The place is heartwarming, charming and whatever you do, plan to stay a while when you visit. I know that I will next time, and I may even take my sister!



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