Beans in the Belfry, Brunswick, MD. ★★★

September 6, 2015 0 Comments

This has to be the most unusual and surprising coffee houses I have visited thus far. It was a former church now turned into a full coffeehouse. It took me a few moments to take everything in once I walked thru the former sanctuary doors.

Beans in the belfry

You order where the platform used to be and the balcony is actually used for more seating, not that they are in need of more seating the place is rather large, yet a little cluttered for my taste.



When you look past the clutter, the vintage details remain and the stainless in the staircase caused me to pause. Even the bathroom was decorated well.belfry beans

The standard cappuccino I ordered was good and I enjoyed great conversation with the hubby too. This is such a unique, must see coffee house!


Your thoughts?