Ceremony Coffee Roasters – Baltimore, MD.★★★★★

November 3, 2016 1 Comments

Five stars, I award Ceremony Coffee Roasters a five star rating of excellence!

This coffee roaster is at the top of its game and you can feel it, taste it and see it at the Baltimore, Maryland cafe.

The place is bright and spacious with white and wood tone decor notes. But the impressive part is the coffee and that takes center stage in this cafe! This quote was taken from their website and I couldn’t agree more – this is EXACTLY how I felt after my visit.

“Customers simply cannot forget their enigmatic first experience with our coffee. Coffee becomes something entirely new to them, even if they had been regular drinkers.”

It was very difficult for me to select just one thing from the menu. I chose a bag of beans and ordered a skinny cappuccino. I loved that I could taste the different notes of the espresso beyond the foamed milk, the drink was divine and the thought of leaving saddened me. So much so that I returned not two weeks later just to experience it all over again. If you consider yourself a coffee fan on any level, this place is a must visit and worth the drive!

Crystal at Ceremony


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    November 3, 2016

    They are one of our two roasters. They are definitely at the top of their game!