Cordial Coffee ★★★★

· Berryville, VA. ·

April 8, 2017 0 Comments
Cordial Coffee

Supporting local is my thing. I get satisfaction from knowing that when I purchase coffee, I am supporting my neighbor or a fellow American making a living. As much money as I spend on coffee, I know I am making a big impact too, lol. So when I found out about another local coffee shop had opened in my area, I was excited! This new cafe is Cordial Coffee located in downtown Berryville, VA.


A converted house with historical character, turned coffee shop. Inside the door a large coffee roaster occupies a room with beautiful wood floors. In the next room was the heart of the cafe, the barista and menu board. A cut-away opening in a wall revealed a room featuring a large glass window overlooking nearby shops. Seating is divided into small cozy rooms, featuring local artists’ work available for purchase. The cozy charm here has welcoming feel, like you are having coffee at a friend’s house.

This cafe offers the most extensive coffee menu in the area! Featuring con pannas, cold brew, draft lattes, french press, as well as pour overs – a coffee lovers dream! All the coffee is roasted in house and you can taste the freshness in every cup. The cappuccino I ordered that day was delicious. I have visited this cafe on multiple occasions and each time I was served a perfect beverage. And, if you are needing a little nourishment with your coffee, they offer made to order, gluten free waffles – this place has it all!

my cappuccino

My cappuccino

When visiting Cordial Coffee you will always be served a great cup of freshly roasted coffee! I love the comfortable, homey environment and enjoy taking friends with me. I recommend that you take the time, grab a friend, leave social media behind and enjoy all that Cordial Coffee has to offer!