I frequently use the Yelp app to help me locate coffee shops in the area that I am for the day. Yelp has been very useful in helping me discover amazing coffee shops that otherwise I may not have found. This was the case for Loco Joe.

Following the app directions we drove into Purceville and I spotted a large, three-foot tall, red coffee cup in  front of the cafe –  I have never seen anything like it before! We pulled into a parking lot, behind the house that had been turned into commercial space. The house had a beautiful porch and following the signs, I found myself inside of Loco Joe.


The interior has a charming,modern, artisit comfort feel to it. Unique art covered the walls with little alcoves of vintage  furniture and chairs for intimate conversations. This cafe offers a wide variety of coffee drinks including a trendy drink called, “paleo coffee”,  or as some know it, “bulletproof coffee”.  This is the first coffee shop I have seen to offer this drink.

Ceremony  and Swings are the local roasters of choice and the black brew I selected did not disappoint. They also had a refillable coffee bar as well as many other, health conscious tasty treats. I was also served a complimentary cappuccino which was to die for!

After an extensive conversation with the owner, I grew to like the cafe even more. Although not large in size, this coffee shop is top-notch and the perfect place for a date day with your significant other.

As I take my final sip I leave you with this, next time you can, stop by this cafe and enjoy a quality cup at the Loco Joe !


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    Kathy Reynolds

    April 11, 2016

    Will have to try this 😉