Lost Dog Coffee ★

· Shepherdstown, WV ·

September 28, 2015 0 Comments

Life has brought me to a college town in WV every Tuesday, a little town called Shepherdstown. This was my first time exploring the area for a quality coffeehouses and this search was more important than any others due to my upcoming frequency of the area. It was vital for me to find a coffee shop that not only served an amazing cappuccino, but also had the right atmosphere to facilitate a busy mom, a peaceful moment with her cup of magic – this was not that place.


Upon walking in my eyes were so overwhelmed, I wasn’t sure  if I had come in the correct door or stumbled into their back room. Five gallon buckets filled with coffee beans lined the base of the walls and above that shelves that ran to the ceiling full of coffee, tea and not sure what else. As I turned to locate the counter, my eyes did not get a break. More shelves of tea, coffee, syrups, anti Starbucks signs, handwritten signs  and other things I had no idea the purpose of them being there.


After finding a small counter, crowded with stuff on its surface, I assumed, with handwritten menu boards above it, that I ordered my drink there. After waiting for the gentleman to walk over and take my order, I ordered my usual and continued to wander around the establishment.

IMG_0164 IMG_0166

The other side of the cafe was larger and had several tables, but the place was still brimming with oddities, such as a human skeleton, a deer head and an oddly placed lounge sign.

After receiving my usual, which was sub par, I sat for a moment trying to see the appeal of this place. For me, there was none at all, I was just left with a strange feeling, and realized this was not providing the quality of drink I ached for nor the atmosphere a busy mom of two needed.

I will not discourage you from going to check the place out for yourself, because it was not lacking in interest or oddities, but know it is not your normal cafe.

I will leave with this, the outside was charming, cared for and left you wanting to walk inside.