The Wydown Coffee Bar ★★★★★

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October 9, 2017 2 Comments

Washington D.C. is a wealth of local coffee shops you need to visit and The Wydown is one of them.

Traveling gives me the privilege to chat with many baristas and one thing I always ask them is what coffee shops they recommend. For several months I had been told repeatedly to check out The Wydown Coffee Bar in Washington D.C..

The odd name threw me off a bit and I opted to visit many other shops beforehand. But this day the hubby was in D.C. and I decided to finally check out this, oddly named, but highly recommended coffee shop.

The Wydown has style, although small inside, it is very fancy looking! There is a beautiful semi circle bar in the middle and the back of the cafe has a beautiful booth. The place was packed, so I looked around and took pics the best I could before ordering. I noticed they offered a few different roasters I had yet to try, Passenger Coffee Roasters and Sump. The menu was a bounty of coffee offerings and I choose a costa rican pour over with Sump Coffee and an iced drink for my hubby.

The baristas were super friendly and we chatted while my drink was being made. I took my coffee to go and after a few outside snapshots, had to run. The place was memorable for sure, my coffee from Sump was honestly some of the best I have ever had! I think there was a tear when I took the final sip. I knew, at that moment if I ever had the opportunity, I needed to explore this “Sump Coffee” and find out what made them so amazing. (Little did I know at this time that a few short weeks later, I would find myself in St. Loius with just that opportunity! My review of Sump coming later this month.)

While visiting Sump coffee in St. Louis this summer, I was chatting with them about trying their coffee for the first time at The Wydown in D.C. and mentioned that I thought the name of the coffee shop in was odd. The barista then told me that the owner of the Wydown was originally from St. Louis and named his coffee shop after a street in a fancy part of St. Louis. How cool!

black coffee

The Wydown actually has two locations in Washington D.C. and I am counting the days until I can visit their next location!













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    October 12, 2017

    I was wondering about the name, so thanks for sharing that info. Pretty cool! 😊

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    October 17, 2017

    I’ve always wanted to go to D.C. If I ever get to I’ll be stopping in at the Wydown for sure!