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0 to 60 Energy Cafe, Winchester, VA. ★★

I stumbled onto this cafe completely by accident one evening with my hubby in a nearby town. As we pulled into a parking spot, I noticed this sign and was very impressed – EVERY coffee shop needs one of these and phone app ordering, lol.

Upon walking in the fluorescent lighting and male driven decor took me off guard, but I approached the counter hopeful and the coffee siphon sitting behind the counter told me this owner knew more about coffee than I originally perceived upon walking in.

It was almost closing, but the barista was very friendly and informative on the current black coffee they had to offer. While waiting, I stumbled upon one of the owners and carried on an in depth conversation about the coffee industry and why she and her husband opened this cafe to begin with. She was warm, friendly and knowledgable.

Although the place wasn’t my personal taste in what a coffee shop should look like, I appreciated the owners take on coffee.

Final word, I will be back. I may not stay and relax there, but they offer a quality cup of coffee and if you haven’t stopped in, please do. 0 to 60 Energy Cafe

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