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25• – 30• Espresso ★★★★

Life had gotten hard and I was in need of some good local coffee! In this instance, the hubby and I loaded up the family for a short road trip – destination Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Up early the next morning, I was anxious to see all the area had to offer. With Yelp as my guide, I found myself at 25 30 Espresso,  in downtown Fredericksburg. I went to pull the door open and found it locked, they were closed for renovations. Such disappointment. Seconds later, the owner came to the door and after introducing myself, she kindly let me and my family inside!

I had the privilege of meeting the kind owners, Maureen and Ernie. Maureen’s passion for coffee began in high school. Over the years she has competed in barista championships and professional cupping.  My next question for her  was “Why Fredericksburg, Virginia?”

Years ago, Ernie, her husband, was a local commuter and he soon realized there was no place to get a good cup of coffee early in the morning. It was then,  they decided to open a local coffee shop to benefit the community and Ernie’s need for coffee, lol.

Ten years later, they are now a fixture of the community, serving up great coffee from Counter Culture and other guest roasters. I enjoyed the skinny cappuccino she served me, but more so the conversation and meeting an amazing family, passionate about the brew!

Someday, I hope to return, this cafe is strong in coffee and family bonds!


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