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3 Bean Coffee ★★★★

Baltimore Maryland is home to many incredible coffee shops and 3 Bean Coffee  is an exceptional one.  Located in Federal Hill, it was the perfect place for me to stop for some joe before taking a seat along the waterfront with my family on a beautiful afternoon.

When visiting a cafe for the first time, the menu board speaks to the level of coffee knowledge and passion that the owner has.  The menu board at 3 Bean Coffee was exciting to me as I had the option of ordering a cortado, a nitro or a single origin pour over, so many tempting choices! There were also many other unique drink options such as Lavender or Honey Graham Latte – this was truly a craft coffee shop!

I chose a pour over from Honduras, with notes of black cherry, it left a buttery, savory finish. The coffee was delicious and with such friendly staff and great cafe space, it will be one of my frequent stops when visiting Baltimore, Maryland.

I rated this cafe four stars and just wish I lived closer so I could frequent it more often.



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