3 Things I Look for in a Coffee Shop

That is me, the definition of who “The Cappuccino Traveler” is and my primary passion.

But what makes a good coffee shop? When trying one for the first time what do I look for? As others are inspired to check out the local coffee scene, I sometimes get asked this question.

So here is what I look for in a coffee shop –

  1. The coffee. A coffee shop is about coffee, yes? So the coffee should be center stage. To make an excellent coffee shop, I’m not of the opinion that it has to be roasted on location, but it does need to be the focus. Meaning, after a few minutes in the shop, you should either see coffee bags for purchase or some signage referencing the roaster, or coffee company they use. The coffee is the most exciting part for me, trying new roasters, blends and experiencing amazing coffee.
  2. Friendly Baristas. This is so crucial. A coffee shop welcomes all levels of coffee lovers, from beginners to the die hard enthusiasts. Having friendly and knowledgable baristas are key in the experience and often determines if I return or not.
  3. Ambiance & Identity. We all enjoy different aesthetics. Walking through the door of a coffee shop, I want to get a feel for the place. It should be welcoming and invite you to stay for a cup of coffee. The shop should leave a lasting, memorable impression.

When I find these three things at a coffee shop, it rates high for me. I get butterflies in my stomach and I am bursting at the seams to write about it and share it with you, my readers. Those moments are what I live for.

A few months back, I returned to Quill’s Coffee in Louisville, KY.. Quill’s Coffee is the first local coffee shop I visited once leaving behind Starbucks.( My First Visit to Quill’s Coffee Blog Here )

Each time I have visited, Quill’s Coffee has successfully lived up to three things I listed above. I walk away enjoying fresh roasted coffee, made by friendly baristas. All the while, enjoying it in a wonderful shop!


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  1. I would LOVE IT! If you could make it to southern Missouri sometime! I truly believe you would lover Keen Bean Coffee! There are a few more coffee shops in this area too, one that I still haven’t made it to. And one I found yesterday! Lol, but my daughter was starving so I didn’t stop.

  2. I agree with all of the points above!! I need to add a 4th important one for me – how they make the coffee. Drip coffee is bland and boring. I love a coffee shop that uses pour-over methods and press methods. Those are the real coffee shops to me!

  3. I love this idea! I’m a Starbucks girl but the feeling is so rushed so I usually don’t sit down. I know that’s my opinion because there are at least 10 people waiting and all of the seats are taken by open laptops. Now I can’t wait for my mocha in the morning.

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