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Achilles Coffee Roaster

I avoided the hotel coffee that morning while visiting San Diego, CA. and walked a block to Achilles Coffee Roaster in Cortez Hill.

San Diego,California is one of my favorite cities! The weather is beautiful, people are friendly and I feel like they have more local coffee shops than main stream coffee companies, it’s great! This was my third trip to San Diego, I visited over 7 local coffee shops and I still didn’t see them all! To read more about the local coffee of San Diego, California.

Achilles Coffee Roaster is an medium size coffee shop with a simple, eclectic vibe. They roast the coffee in the back and you can sit there and watch them roast it.  They have the largest pour over menu I have ever seen, plus several unique drinks only found at Achilles.

The baristas were approachable and friendly, I spent a while chatting with them about the shop and the coffee. I ordered a black pour over to begin the day. I prefer to start my day with a South American coffee and save the fun African coffees for the afternoon.

The coffee was fresh and great, I really regret not buying a bag to take home. But, I’m glad to know that I can order it online and get free shipping with any $40 order. Achilles has two locations in San Diego and offers coffee / espresso catering.

This was a great first stop on my San Diego Coffee Crawl. I loved the open windows and the nice views from the shop.  Friendly people, fresh coffee and a passion to serve San Diego Coffee Lovers. When in San Diego, check them out, they have a beautiful outdoor cafe too, or so I hear.


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  1. I would love to have more coffee shops like Achilles near where I live, but I think they have a tough go at it because although it is beautiful year-round, it is more of a “summer destination” place.

  2. This coffee shop sounds neat! I’m hoping to visit San Diego over the next couple of years, & when I do I’ll go there.

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