A Latte Beyond Understanding

In 1978 Starbucks was born and so was I.


I cannot remember the exact date of my first Starbucks coffee, but I do remember that somehow I managed to order a latte for the first time. Once finding out it was basically coffee and milk, I assumed it was a win win order and never looked back. The taste captivated me and I became a fan, long before any of my friends and family.

Growing up in a small town, this was quite a novelty to me and what I loved the most, was that I was the first one to discover it! My friends and family listened with intrigue as I described this new-found passion of mine. Little did I know it would last for many years to come.

The first location was in Leesburg, Virginia, over an hour drive for me and I loved that Starbucks. This cafe became a safe haven for me during some very tumultuous years. I was single. I had left Texas, a college graduate, recent broken engagement and was lost and confused, just trying to get through each day.


I believe this is why Starbucks and I have such an attachment. See, this coffee passion I have goes deeper than a $5 coffee,  it is a safe place that I first ran to over 10 years ago. The long drive gave me a chance to think and talk to God.

I remember one specific trip when I had just been fired from Lens Crafters, to no fault of my own. Tears cascaded down my cheeks, shock took over my body and I don’t even remember the drive, but when I came to, there I was at the Leesburg Starbucks.


For the next 8 years, single and confused, this place became a haven for me. I went to Starbucks for my usual (grande almond latte), when I was sad, bored, hurting, happy, celebrating and just for a place to escape to.

Over a decade later, I still love Starbucks and the coffee. Although many think it is quite bitter, the bitterness is symbolic to me and the time in my life when I first discovered Starbucks. And just as the bitterness has faded from my life, so has the bitterness of the coffee.

Like in marriage, we are “til death do us part” because for me, Starbucks is not just a place that sells coffee, we are bonded emotionally. A safe place the Lord allowed me to find during my darkest moments, a refuge for me here on earth.


Today, rarely do I flee to Starbucks because of hurt and confusion, but a place to get away and be swept up in a sea of memories. Moments where an almond latte, quiet thoughts with myself and my Heavenly Father became tattooed onto my soul and became a part of who I am.


This is why Starbucks and coffee is so much more to me than any person can or will ever understand.


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  1. OH MY!!! How did I miss THIS ONE??? I am SO very glad that I found it while going through some old emails because this one was like finding hidden treasure for me!!!!

    Tears came to my eyes as I too remember those intensely rough years!! I remember hurting with you, for you and wanting to ‘fix’ everything!!! I remember lying awake in bed at night waiting for you to arrive home safely and wondering about your new found safe haven! Often the next day you would share with me from your heart and I loved it. I remember that YOU introduced me to this new passion of your life and I treasure that it is STILL a special place for us to go together!! Thank you for reminding me of special moments and why you will always be ‘my Starbucks daughter’!!!!! 😀

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