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aLatte’ Cafe ★★★

“Stop! There it is!” I exclaimed to my husband who was escorting me to downtown Norfolk. I jumped out, crossed the street and the unique window display with hanging gold coffee cups caught my eye. It was an eye catching, unique display, a layer of sand at the bottom, embracing more gold coffee cups.


Orange walls and a patchwork floor, the place is open, very eclectic and a hanging bicycle can be found hanging from the wall.


I stepped to the counter and found they roast their own beans right on location – excellent, I knew the coffee would taste amazing and it did!

The owners were friendly and we chatted about my upcoming visit to the San Diego area, and offered a suggestion of a great place to eat.  I appreciated the friendliness of the couple, even the owner’s father stopped me to brag about the coffee to me. It is one of those shops that when you walk in, they would know your name and your drink.


I purchased a bag of beans and a t-shirt. I liked this place. You should stop in for yourself to check out the friendliness of the place and the great coffee! ALatte Cafe FB page


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  1. Howdie. Envious to see all the traveling and tasting you’re doing. Do you always order the same coffee beverage, or do you mix things up? Me, I usually order iced mochas, b/c I feel I can remember taste profiles better if I stick to one type of drink. There are shops with roasts, though, that I’d like to return to to try something non-iced-mocha… 🙂

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