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Artifact Coffee #11

I was SUPER excited to be back to visiting a coffee shop that had made the “Top 50 Coffee Shops in America” list! This was rated shop #11. To read more about “The List”, Click Here

Just under two hours away from home, the drive seemed endless as I waited in great anticipation to arrive. The building was beautiful old stone and the sign carried so much character as to what awaited me inside.

I loved the interior that exploded with character; there was so much visually to take in that I struggled to find where to place my order, lol.  Little did I know that you actually took a seat and they brought a coffee menu to the table! Did you hear me?! They BROUGHT a COFFEE MENU to the table!!!!!!

From that moment I was IN LOVE with this place. This cafe will be forever remembered in my mind that put coffee on such a high pedestal that it had its OWN menu! Hand poured, espresso and even a tea menu, this cafe has something for everyone, even a food menu as well.

The waitress was super friendly and I couldn’t decide what I wanted, so I ordered  variety of coffees and a cappuccino. I think the waitress thought I was a little strange, but she soon embraced it once I informed her that I was a coffee blogger and there to review the place. This bit of news even earned me a free Artifact to go coffee mug.

Each coffee was unique in flavor and of high quality –  I could have sat there for hours.

Since following Artifact on Instagram and FB after my visit, I noticed that they offer a variety of events from adult coloring to live music. This place rocks and is so worth the drive!

As with many coffee shops in my local area they use Counter Culture Coffee and of course I purchased a few bags of beans to enjoy at home.

Final drip? Go. Visit. It is an amazing experience.




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