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Orlando, Florida is home to numerous coffee shops – you may think it would be hard to choose a favorite. For me, I’ve had my favorite since day one. Axum coffee, who’s original location is in the heart of Historic Downtown Winter Garden, Florida, has always been the obvious choice. 

Axum Coffee  has become a huge hit in the Central Florida community due to its global and local charitable impact, outstanding coffee, and various new locations.

“It’s Not Just a Cup of Coffee”

When you buy a cup of coffee at any Axum location, you aren’t just feeding your need for caffeine- you are making a true global impact. Axum is a non-profit organization with the goal of helping those in need locally, nationally, and internationally. It all started with the city of Axum, Ethiopia, which was a fitting namesake for the coffee shop. Their goal was to help Axum access fresh drinking water, medical care, help orphans find loving homes, and more. This mission has driven the creation of Axum Coffee, creating a beautiful spot for our local community to gather to make a HUGE impact- one cup at a time.

Best Vanilla Latte in Orlando. Period.

I consider myself a “Vanilla Latte Connoisseur” of sorts, in that I’ve tried a ton of vanilla lattes in the Orlando area. I’m telling you, Axum has the best in Orlando. 
If you don’t believe me, ask the hundreds of regulars that frequent Axum coffee on a daily. I’m proud to be one of their regulars, and know that every time I walk in I will receive an outstanding cup of coffee. Axum roasts their own coffee beans, and places high value on the quality and flavor of their beans. That is apparent with one sip, trust me.

Location, location, location

Axum has opened a total of 4 locations: Downtown Winter Garden (it’s original location), Axum Roastery in Plant Street Market, Florida Hospital Winter Garden, and the Clermont Location. I have a strong attachment to the community-driven environment of the original location. I have always considered the Downtown shop my “third place”. It’s the place where I studied throughout high school and college, where I would meet up with friends and family, and where I truly began to fall in love with craft coffee. However, there’s one other location that holds the title as my favorite coffee shop (to date), and that is the Axum Coffee Clermont location. For those of you who have never been to this location, you may wonder what’s so special about it. I can answer with one word: meow.
That’s right! Axum Coffee in Clermont is the first cat cafe in the Central Florida area. Axum’s Orlando Cat Cafe is a magical place where you can grab your favorite cup of coffee and bring it into the play area to- you guessed it- PLAY WITH CATS! They usually have between 20-25 cats and kittens to play with. Every cat is adorable, lovable, and adoptable! This location took my two favorite things, cats and coffee, and combined them under one roof. If you are anything like me, you’ll never want to leave.

Axum Coffee is overall the best place to go for coffee in the Central Florida area. Whether you are there for a good cause, excellent coffee, community involvement, or cat cuddles, you are sure to find your home at Axum.

Who is Caffeinated Floridian?

My name is Rea, and I’m a coffee and food blogger from the Central Florida area. I started Caffeinated Floridian as a way to share my love of local coffee and food. I find joy in helping others find their favorite spots in their community, especially small, locally owned restaurants and coffee shops. I’m excited for the opportunity to be a featured blogger on Cappuccino Traveller, and I hope it connects me with others who possess the same passions!






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