Bayou Bakery, Coffee Bar & Eatery

I was determined to make the most of my two-hour drive into Washington D.C. and hit up more than one neat coffee shop. This one, a favorite for sure, Bayou Bakery Coffee Bar, was, as its title suggests, a bakery as well.

We walked in ordered our coffee and found a neat wooden table to sit at. I loved the decor! It was perfect lighting and had a stunning place to eat outside as well. The place was either an old barn or house converted and they had done it justice.


My usual, a skinny, cappuccino, was ready shortly and was so delicious, again, a perfect score. I really am hard to please when it comes to my cappuccinos, even though that might be hard to believe since most coffee shops I have blogged about I rave about them, but this what a small coffee shop produces as opposed to chain coffee shops, good quality espresso.


We didn’t stay there long, due to the fact that I had Todd Carmichael‘s ON TAP LATTE on the brain! Our next stop, La Colombe Coffee! This would be a HUGE adventure in itself. Life changing for sure! Blog post soon to come!
Meanwhile, check out http://www.bayoubakerydc.com and make time for a pastry while you’re there!



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