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Bean Bar ★★★★★

We had been shopping all day and I was in need of some espresso and finding a coffee shop I had never been to before, just made my day!

The Bean Bar is located in a beautiful shopping center in The Village at Leesburg. I walked thru the door and the decor was fancy meets industrial.

A sign told us to seat ourselves and then we would be waited on. In a coffee shop? I was in love! Never again do I want to stand to order a coffee and then have a seat, this place spoiled me!

My sis and I had a seat at the beautiful bar with lush bar stools and were handed a menu  – a coffee menu?! Seriously, in love! We sat, chatted as I tried an espresso tonic for the first time, a nitro and finally a black coffee. The tonic was interesting and good, the nitro, not my favorite, but the black Mad Cap Coffee I finished with was amazing and a perfect way to end my visit.


Located an hour away from me, I will make every effort to visit this place as much as possible! Did I mention they have a coffee menu and serve you the coffee?! LOL I’m a huge fan and will return ASAP!




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  1. A coffee tonic?! What?! Oh the world of coffee will never cease to amaze me!! I love that I can hear your voice in your writing.

  2. I will have to tell my friends that work down in Leburg about this place. I will tell the girl that carpools with Brent to pick me up some coffee from there.

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