Beauty and the Bean Coffee House Review

My love of coffee started with my mom, it just wasn’t morning unless the kitchen smelled of Folgers(ick) and cinnamon, back then coffee was gross (aka Folgers) and I couldn’t believe she could down 2 or 3 cups without even thinking. I didn’t find that coffee was good until I started working as a barista at a small coffee shop my freshman year of college.

During my time there I learned the science behind a good espresso… the bean, the grind and even the brew time. I can’t tell you how many shots of espresso I had to throw out when I first started because I hadn’t gotten it quite right. Nonetheless, the hours in the café allowed me to experiment and fall in love with the various types of coffees (if I ever find another shop that sells white coffee I think I might cry) and flavors. Now 5 year later my go to is a dirty chia with almond milk, which is a chia tea latte with a shot (or 3) of espresso.

Jocelyn and her coffee

So, you can imagine I was so excited when Crystal invited me to guest blog on The Cappuccino Traveler for her 2-year blogiversary and I had to share one of my favorite coffee shop with you all!

I am a small-town girl, yes, I have tried to live in the city, but repeatedly I come to the small town for their atmosphere, people, and most of all coffee shops! So, it’s no wonder that the coffee shop I visited for this is in the small town of Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin.

Beauty and the Bean

Beauty and the Bean is a quaint little café on the East side of town and it has a drive through (which is helpful for early morning coffee runs when you look like you should still be in bed). Over the years I have sampled many of their drinks, but for today’s visit I took Crystal’s advice and tried something completely new!

Their drink of the week was a Coconut Carmel Latte and I have got to tell you it was so delicious. The best thing about Beauty and the Bean is they have seating for all seasons. Here in Wisconsin winter can get brutal, so it always nice to pull up a chair next their fireplace, sip a great roast and read a good book. But today, since it was so gorgeous out this morning I enjoyed my morning latte and cranberry muffin (can you see the whole cranberries?! For those of you hat didn’t know Wisconsin has thousands of acres of cranberry bogs and we LOVE our cranberries) outside in their garden seating area. I don’t know who tends their garden, but kudos to them because it is flourishing.

My experience with Beauty and Bean over the years has been great, so great in fact, that I keep coming back for more of their latte of the week, or my go-to dirty chia. I was sad when it was time to leave this morning, not only because that meant it was time to work but because the atmosphere is friendly and open. This coffee shop is a great and refreshing stop for breakfast or lunch coffee (yes, I think coffee goes with every meal )!

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  1. Hello Jocelyn!!! Thank you for your blog. I love the name of this shop Beauty and the Bean. thank you for sharing.

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