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Better Buzz Coffee – Hillcrest Location

San Diego is my favorite cities in California. It’s beautiful and they have a large local coffee shop presence. In fact, they have a coffee community, called the San Diego Coffee Network comprised of baristas and coffee enthusiasts. This fosters a noncompetitive coffee community, something every city should strive for.

Better Buzz Coffee has eight locations and I was in San Diego on opening weekend of the Hillcrest location. This location looks like a beautiful two story white house and the beauty of it continues inside. With  bee hive decor theme, the huge tree in the center takes centerstage and all the hive theme shaped tile works well.

It was a bit overwhelming actually. There was so many unique and beautiful things to see that I walked around twice before ordering my coffee! With such a large menu, several cold brews and nitro coffee on tap, this coffee blogger ordered three coffees! A cappuccino, black drip and cold brew. It was all so delicious, but I kept getting up to snap pictures because there were so many great shots! This shop holds the record for how many pictures I took in a single shop! LOL

Each new coffee shop I review, you can find about 25-30 pictures on my phone. At this coffee shop, I took more than 50! I cannot express how beautiful this place was! The back and white decor give it a clean look and it felt like a busy hive, lol.

San Diego, California is the perfect city to plan a visit just to visit the local coffee and it will fill a weekend!


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