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Birch Coffee

Birch Loves You read my coffee sleeve. The saying on the sleeve is straight forward, yet creative. That is how I would describe Birch Coffee.

When in New York City, I have a marathon as to how many coffee shops I can visit in a single day. I usually reach about 4-6 shops, but by the six one, this girl is a bit shaky, lol.. The last stop is usually quick, as I have begged my hubby to let me stop at Just one more!, lol. He reluctantly agreed. I love him so much! Birch Coffee was my last stop on this visit, so I jumped out of the car and ran inside, shaking.

The place was a sophisticated white building with black lettering. Inside had an elegant and industrial feel to it. The order counter was a beautiful large mahogany bar. As I enjoyed my cappuccino I noticed a community bookcase and on the bottom shelf was something I have never seen before. It was a sign with the words, Ignition Initiateand below were little signs called Conversation Starters. I paused and thought, how creative. Had I not been running back out the door, I would have loved to participate in this with my hubby.

My cappuccino was great and I wish I could have stayed longer, but my short visit gave me a feel for who Birch Coffee is – creative. This was then confirmed when I stopped by the Birch Coffee booth at Coffee Con in Brooklyn this spring.

Birch Coffee had just launched a new coffee product I have NEVER seen anywhere else! They had come up with a creative way to bag and market coffee according to how you were brewing it! Brilliant! Simply brilliant! They have three brewing methods, cold brew, chemex and french press. I purchased both the cold brew and chemex. I also had the chance to speak and interact with a few of their employees and they all were so friendly and approachable. I have since tried the cold brew bagged coffee and it was so easy to use and the coffee was so delicious!

Birch Coffee is creative and serves a solid cup, With ten New York City locations, make sure to stop by, stay a while and start a conversation.


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  1. This looks like a lovely place. So Im not the only one who gets shaky after multiple coffee shop visits. I love how they bag their coffee.

  2. Good coffee AND books??!! Sounds great!!! BIrch coffee WILL be the first coffeeshop I visit when I’m in NYC!!! 😀

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