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Black Dog Coffee Company ★

I have visited this coffee shop a few times now and to be honest, I don’t know if I really like the place or not. The coffee is okay and roasted there on sight, but still not the best I’ve had. The atmosphere is really lacking any sort of coffee shop vibe, the outside has a barn like look to it and that look continues inside.

They also offer a variety of miscellaneous goods as well as some organic dairy products. I would say the coffee shop part is more of an after thought – maybe because it’s in the hills of WV, I don’t know. I drive by there weekly yet the coffee doesn’t make me stop. The place is interesting and if I’m in need of a cappuccino, this isn’t the place to order one.

When in the area, drop by and draw your own conclusions, you may like a country bumpkin coffee shop feel, but for this cappuccino traveler, I will keep driving right by.

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