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Black Sheep Coffee

The past few years, my husband’s family and I vacation in Massanutten, Virginia. This beautiful resort is nestled in the mountains of Virginia. While I enjoy the serenity of the mountains, I found myself curious about the local coffee. Massanutten Resort is located minutes from Harrisonburg, Virginia.

I drove to the downtown area and discovered Black Sheep Coffee. The cafe is located in a large brick building that houses other business called The Ice House. The cafe is huge with lots of unique workspaces and has a hardcore industrial look to it. They are a multi roaster shop, featuring Red Rooster, Blanchards, Lone Oak and several others. The drink menu also rotates.

The counter area was really unique and a feast for the eyes. The case that housed the baked good looked like and antique case of some sort. There was a rough, unfinished look to the place, but it all tied in really well and made you feel comfortable. I could have stayed for hours to write and blog, lol!

Black Sheep Coffee began with a guy named Chance. After working at Mudhouse Coffee and 20 years in various food service industry, he opened Black Sheep Coffee. “Using reclaimed wood from tables he built for his wedding reception. He envisioned a space with an open floor plan and low counters, to encourage interaction with guests. Isn’t that what a coffee house is about?” -Black Sheep Coffee Website

The menu was so exciting that I found myself not ordering one or two, but four drinks and a pastry! The staff was friendly and each drink was crafted with perfection!  This is a fantastic local coffee shop and dan asset  to the coffee community there. I don’t have one negative thing to say – this shop was EPIC and I am envious of all those who call this shop their local place.

The next time you find yourself near the downtown area of Harrisonburg, Virginia, make sure to stop in and have time to stay awhile!


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