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Blend Coffee Bar ★★★★

I am blessed with many friendships. Friends that love me just the way I am. Friends that embrace the current limitations of my life. Those that make me feel better about myself. Friends that I love sharing coffee with.

On this day, I had the opportunity to check out a new coffee shop with a close friend of mine. The awesome part of this story is that, her concern for my health struggles prompted her to kindly drive me to a few coffee shops. THIS is genuine friendship! I was blown away by the offer and gladly accepted!

We arrived  in Ashburn, VA, just a few hours from my home.  Blend Coffee Bar is located in a shopping plaza and as I looked for parking, I was stunned by what I saw! A reserved parking spot for their patrons!!!

Parking Sign

This sign should be at every coffee shop – how cool!!! This is smart move on the part of the owners because it encourages people to park and stop in. Blend Coffee Bar has a really neat arrangement. You have the building, but you also have an adjoining patio where they offer concerts and other community events.

Inside has a cool, industrial feel to it. There is a meeting room and a free library. The baristas were very welcoming and made you feel at home. The coffee served is Lone Oak Coffee, my local roaster in Winchester, VA. Blend Coffee Bar also hosts many local events and a “Food Truck Friday”!

My usual is a skinny cappuccino, but as almond milk becomes increasingly popular, I am able to find it at more cafes. When I ordered the almond milk cappuccino, the barista informed me that the almond milk was made fresh on location. Wow, this was a first! It did come with an additional charge, but it didn’t matter, I was anxious to try this freshly made almond milk.

My friend and I picked a spot to sit and chat and it was one of the best times ever. We shared our hearts, silliness and general musings. The freshly made, almond milk cappuccino was divine! Such a sweet time, I didn’t want to leave.

Perfectly made Almond Milk Cappuccino

I really like this unique cafe and be returning this week! Make sure to check them out!







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  1. Freshly made almond milk? That is awesome! I’m noticing too that almond milk is more popular. But sadly not all of them are unsweetened……but that’s okay ? The building looks beautiful! And what a awesome place to hang out with your friend ?

    1. Hi Tamara! I am actually one of the baristas at Blend (best job ever) and I’m happy to inform you that our “In House Almond Milk” has only three ingredients. Almonds, dates, and water! No additional sweetener. I hope you stop in sometime soon. We would love to have you at Blend!

      – Ya’el

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