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Blue Mug Coffee & Tea ★★★★

The sun was shining, the weather a perfect 75 degrees and I found myself at Blue Mug Coffee & Tea.

I walked in the door and right in front of me was something I had NEVER seen before at any other coffee shop. Jars upon jars of coffee beans, about 20 of them. Each was especially fresh and brewed to ordered – NOTHING was made in advance. I have never heard of that or seen this before….every coffee shop has at least has some coffee brewed and ready to serve. I find this refreshing, being able to walk up, smell a fresh coffee bean, not yet ground and enjoy the immediate freshness was exciting.

When my fresh pour over was delivered it was some of the freshest coffee I have had….simply amazing!

I chatted with Stephanie, the owner and learned that they purchased the cafe after her husband retired from the Escondido Police Department. Former stay at home mom and  very friendly, she treated me to a complimentary drink made by her and only served there called, “Steph’s Way”.  It was sweet, strong and smooth – I loved it!

The decor was diner like and unique coffee signs were everywhere. I learned that each sign, magnet and other misc. coffee decor was given to them by their customers. This truly is a neighborhood coffee shop……the kind of place where “everyone knows your name” and if I were local, would visit daily.

I loved this place and if you are local or ever have the chance, do yourself a favor, stop in to experience some of the freshest coffee and ask for a “Steph’s Way” coffee.


Blue Mug

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  1. I live really close…less then a mile…The gift card would help find time within their hours to try them out.

  2. I would love to support a local small business, and what better way than with a warm cup of coffee.

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