bluestone lane

Bluestone Lane

Books and coffee. A favorite combination for many. But, what if you placed a coffee shop inside a library? Great idea, right?

Bluestone Lane Coffee located in Dupont Circle area of Washington D.C. is just that. The West End Library shares a space with this, rapid growing coffee company.  The building is made of glass and the architecture design is a show stopper! The building is just the beginning, as you enter the coffee shop it is a feast for the eyes! Beautiful white pillars stretch to the ceiling, sea foam colored cafe chairs, and navy blue accents. This coffee shop feels so calming and peaceful.

I was there with a friend that day, which made it really special. It was a first for the both of us and we discovered they serve a full brunch menu. You can order to go or choose table side service – I loved it!

There is just something so fancy about sitting down and ordering specialty coffee from a menu. If I had my way, many more coffee shops would have this option. I ordered a soup and sandwich. While waiting I also ordered a cappuccino, “Aussie Style”.  It was so yummy!

The Australian Cappuccino is a somewhat milky cappuccino where the espresso is dusted with unsweetened cocoa powder before the milk is added.


We sat, chatted and discussed the new drinks. It was such a sunny, relaxing place. I loved every minute and once again local coffee delights me.  I must say, this place was like no other shop that I have ever visited. [bctt tweet=”It amazes me how local coffee shops are never boring, but always an unforgettable adventure. – The Cappuccino Traveler” username=”CDallke”]

This always ignites an excitement within to go discover another one!

BlueStone lane offers their own roasted coffee to drink there or grab a bag to go. On the way out the door, I grabbed a cold brew to go. My favorite drink was the unique cappuccino and the cold brew was good too!

BlueStone Lane originated in Australia and has multiple locations throughout the US. Look one up, and plan to stay a while and relax.


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  1. Wow a bookstore and coffee shop. We need more places like this. I would love to check this place out because it looks really neat. Hubby and I would be in this place all day. The cappuccino sounds so good and interesting. Again love your blogs and how when you write i feel like im there too.

  2. This is top on my list of shops to check out when I’m in DC next. Looks absolutely gorgeous. Can’t wait to go check it out.

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