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Brio Coffeehouse ★★★★

This trip to Brio Coffeehouse was no exception. My first visit was special because it was my sister that actually had told me about Brio opening and we went together.

Located in Waynesboro, PA., a small town near the Maryland border and only 45 minutes away from me! I noticed they sold and used Denim Coffee and knowing I liked Denim Coffee Shop, I knew the place would be good!

As we drove down Main street in this all american town, there was Brio Coffeehouse. The building is impressive with an arched entry and columns. Inside the room is large, the ceilings are high and the original tiles on the floor, so much character! I noticed plenty of seating and even a place for the kiddos with a little table, coloring sheets and a chalkboard. Brio offers locally made kombacha and serves ice cream too.

I order a cappuccino and told them who I was. The fun thing is, after going on three years of being a coffee blogger, word is getting out and the baristas knew who I was! We instantly began talking coffee and I had made a friend. I have to say that from the owners, to the son of the head barista – these are some of the nicest people and they really care about the coffee they serve you. My cappuccino was good and I found it endearing when she wrote “the traveler” on my to go cup.

This trip will always be special to me because I had the privilege of sharing it with my only sister.

[bctt tweet=”There is nothing better than sharing coffee with a loved one – NOTHING.” username=”CDallke”]

We sat there, sharing our love for coffee and our hearts – it was a sweet moment. I was so glad she was there to enjoy a new coffee shop with me. The day was made perfect by exploring an antique shop and tasting some treats at a local chocolate shop. This is a great place to spend the day! 

I have returned to Brio Coffeehouse multiple times since then. Each time, enjoying my drink, the baristas and the atmosphere. You might just catch me there, blogging about the next local coffee shop I have discovered. 🙂


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