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Broadway Roasting Company ★★★★

Friendships are something I treasure. A friendship that lasts 18 years is simply priceless. My visit to Broadway Roasting Company is where coffee and a friendship came together for a sweet reunion.

November 2016, I found myself in Kansas City, MO. I explored the coffee scene to the fullest visiting many coffee shops and I was impressed! ( See Kansas )


A dear college friend had messaged me, hearing of my planned visit. I was thrilled to have this opportunity and chose Broadway Roasting Company to meet her. I will say this visit to Broadway Roasting Company was more about the friend I was meeting and not so much about the coffee, so this review may be shorter than others I have written.

Broadway Roasting Company has been a Kansas City Institution for 20 years. I entered the Washington Street location, situated in a historic Fire Station and the cafe space was small, but pleasant. I am assuming that is because this was the roastery location, there were burlap bags of coffee everywhere! The decor vibe was industrial and fit with the roastery.

The iced coffee I ordered was fantastic and the bag of beans I enjoyed later at home were delicious!

A text sounded from my phone. I looked down and it was my friend letting me know that she had arrived. I looked around and didn’t see her.  It was then I realized, I was at the Broadway Roasting Company location, she was meeting me at The Broadway Cafe. Thankfully, it was just a short distance away.

Arriving at The Broadway Cafe, I didn’t pay too much attention to the cafe itself – I was just looking for my friend. We embraced and caught up, chatting about how time had passed and our families. I sat there so thankful for a friendship that had lasted this many years.

Inside Broadway Cafe, Kansas City

The few glances I did take around the cafe, had a retro / diner feel to it. The floors were a black and white checkered tile and there was plenty of seating. I liked this cafe. I wouldn’t say it was my favorite in Kansas City, but the coffee was good and it felt special to walk through the doors of a Kansas City landmark.

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