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Cafe Moka ★★★★

“Do we have the time to squeeze in one more?” I asked my husband. Every coffee shop I had visited in the Hampton Roads area was amazing and I had to see if this one, that came recommended by a friend, would be the same. Thankfully, we did have time.

Cafe Moka

This cafe is found in a plaza of a busy intersection of Virginia Beach. You will find two entrances to the cafe and once inside the place is super cool! The back outside patio is a welcoming spot to enjoy an evening with your favorite cup and I loved the decor and vibe of the place – this cafe really captured coffee culture at its core!

This cafe uses top roasters such as Ruby Coffee, Coava Coffee and Onyx Coffee, (a roaster I have yet to try, but purchased a bag to go) and sells top of the line coffee equipment such as Chemex, Aero press and the Hario Scale.


When I stepped up to order, the menu board had something I have never seen before! The menu board showed you the strength of the coffee you were ordering via an espresso intensity scale with different shades of brown. It was perfect for someone new to coffee culture and wanting to know more!

The baristas were friendly, knowledgeable and my cappuccino was fabulous! This cafe is a place you would find me daily if I lived in the area. A ‘must stop’ for sure if you are in the area! Score another one for the Virginia Beach area – they have fantastic coffee shops!


Cafe Moka


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