Grounds Central Station  ★★★
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Grounds Central Station ★★★

A small cafe in Mannassas, Virginia located on a side street,  I walked into the place, curious. A large extensive coffee menu was offered along with ice cream. Unique drinks like “Love Potion #9” and “Hazelnut Brittle” were on the menu along with soy and almond milk options. The roaster? A local company called Monument Coffee…

Jirani Coffeehouse  ★★★★
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Jirani Coffeehouse ★★★★

I walked across the tracks anxious to see what awaited me inside. You walk in to a very large, well decorated space and you feel the coffee, warmth and friendliness immediately. Unique art covers the walls, along with a fireplace surrounded by large armchairs for chats with friends over a great cup of joe.  …