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The 3 Coffee Shops of Cincinnati, Ohio

The opportunity had come for me to visit Cincinnati Ohio and explore the local coffee. I only had a few hours one morning, on my way home from a road trip. I will begin this blog post by telling you that I am sure there are many other fantastic local coffee shops in and around Cincinnati, Ohio. These are the three I visited and my experience with each one.

Collective Espresso is a hidden treasure in Northside Cincinnati. The location I visited, (4039 Hamilton Ave.) I drove past THREE times before finding the entrance. The front entrance is down a street alley and an additional rear entrance that leads to a beautiful patio area. This coffee shop is simplicity at its best. A small cafe that carries a variety of roasters featuring Hex Coffee and Deeper Roots, a roaster in Cincinnati.

The barista was friendly and my cappuccino and Guatemalan pour over was outstanding! Inside the cafe, there were old black and white photos hanging on the wall. This gave the cafe unique interest. When I asked the barista the significance of these photos, she informed me they were merely thrift store finds. I was able to sit outside on the beautiful patio and savor each sip of my two coffees.

This is a fabulous local coffee shop in Cincinnati! Others must have thought the same because as I sat there, the patio became quite crowded. Collective Espresso is a shop I would return. The coffee was memorable and the space was charming!

Bloc Coffee Company was my next stop. Located in East Price Hill area of Cincinnati, this is a larger cafe. Large windows covered the front of the shop allowing beautiful morning sunlight in. The menu boards were on large flat screen tv’s – this was the first time I had seen this in a local coffee shop. My cappuccino was made with care and delicious. Deeper Roots coffee is offered here as well. I also appreciate the mission behind this coffee shop and enjoyed my visit.

“Bloc Coffee wanted to have a place for people to exist in community- a place that would foster creativity and camaraderie.”

Rohs Street Cafe was my last stop and a memorable one! Located within walking distance of The University of Cincinnati, the baristas here left a lasting impression. This coffee shop is behind the Universal Christian Church. Once a direct part of the church, this cafe has gone on to be so much more while maintaining its roots. Their mission is to “strive to provide our local community with a warm, open space to gather, relax, create, and build great relationships.” I truly felt this during my brief visit there. I had fun chatting with the baristas as well as a gentleman from Deeper Roots Coffee about coffee community and our passion for the brew.

This cafe is large too, very open and welcoming.  Just that morning, I already had two cappuccinos and a pour over coffee so when ordering this time, I deviated from my usual. Thinking my husband may share the drink with me later I ordered an iced mocha, which he enjoys from time to time. The drink was good, although not my favorite, but that’s wasn’t my take away from this shop. It was the people and the feeling at this cafe that left my heart full and only wishing I could return the very next day.

All three shops were very different, yet excellent in their own ways and I would recommend them all. Leaving Cincinnati, I was thankful for another great city filled with local coffee shop owners that care not just about the brew, but about community.



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  1. Really liked reading about three coffee shops in this blog post! It demonstrates the uniqueness of each cafe and makes me want to check them all out! 🙂

    1. It’s neat to go to coffee shops in towns. To hear the history is cool and interesting. Lots of character make a great coffee shop I think. Thanks for sharing

  2. They all sound amazing! But being a Michigan girl I have natural prejudices when it comes to Ohio GO BLUE! ? Lol, BUT if I ever end up there again we will definitely have to check one or two of these out!

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