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Coat Check Coffee ★★★★★

Coat Check Coffee is fairly new to Indianapolis, but don’t let that keep you away.

Located in the foyer of the historic Athenaeum Theatre on Massachusetts Avenue, the fascination with Coat Check Coffee begins the minute you walk through the grand wooden doors.

Up several steps, Coat Check Coffee is located in the main lobby area. It immediately caught my eyes with a black iron gate as the backdrop to the coffee bar.

This building is home to other businesses, but you hardly notice that. The impeccable woodwork and architecture is imminent and takes center stage in this building.

Ross, the very friendly barista put on a show for me, carefully handcrafting each drink. My husband and I sat for a while and enjoyed several drinks.

Special on this menu is their homemade cashew milk sweetened with dates. I had never tasted anything like this and decided to order a cappuccino made with this homemade cashew milk. It was truly unique and very rich.

Tinker Coffee is the roaster of choice at this coffee shop. We ordered a specialty drink from the menu called a Cold Smoked Espresso at the recommendation of Ross. It was fascinating to watch him make this signature drink! It was so unique and tasty, the hubby and I almost fought over it – lol.

While enjoying our drinks we chatted with the barista further and other fellow coffee enthusiasts that had stopped in for uniquely crafted specialty coffee drink.

Coat Check Coffee really is one step above the rest. They elevate coffee in a respectful way. The pride and enthusiasm of Ross was contagious and I’m afraid if I sat there any longer, I would have nearly tried everything on the menu.

This is a must stop for the third wave, or coffee enthusiast. You will be amazed and impressed at Coat Check Coffee!


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