Coffeefornia Pour Over Coffee System

Coffee is part of a daily ritual. A ritual that we all practice and have become the masters of. Taking the mundane and turning it into something special is exactly what Daniel & Don of Coffeefornia Co. has done. Creating a one of a kind, pour over coffee system that takes coffee making to another level of excitement!

The Chemex, Kalita Wave, Aeropress and V60, yes, I have them all and enjoy each one for its strengths. Being a coffee blogger, I am always thrilled to discover something new. A new product that makes coffee fun, yet easy.

The box landed on my doorstep and it was carefully packaged to prevent any damage. I love that it was treated with such care. The system contains three parts, the wooden base, the pipe and the glass funnel.  It was easy to assemble and within minutes I was taking hundreds of snapshots, as this one of a kind piece of art started forming.

I ground my coffee, used my Hario scale and watched the coffee bloom. It methodically dripped through the funnel into my coffee cup. My coffee tasted like that of a V60, but was much more fun to watch! A conversation piece and wonderful addition to my coffee bar!

Every coffee lover needs one of these and it would make an excellent gift! The pour over system is easy to use, amazing quality and something you will use for years to come. Additionally, you can customize the look of your system too! The price for one is only $40! THAT alone is incredible! 

This coffee maker has been used and approved by The Cappuccino Traveler and every coffee enthusiast needs one! Visit this link to check them out further and grab yours! Design yours by clicking here!

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