Coffee Rumblings

I love coffee. No, I mean it, I love coffee. But you know that already.

Last year I went on a search to visit as many of the Top 50 Coffee Shops in America as I could.  I was fortunate to visit just ten of them and with each one brought different flavors, unique surroundings and a meeting of new people who also had a passion for this cup of beans.

I follow hundreds of Instagram coffee lovers, takes lots of pictures of coffee and am always in search of a new cafe I have yet to visit.

When I walk into a cafe, hundreds of questions fill my head. “How fresh are the beans?” “Where do they roast them?” “What roaster do they use?” “How involved are the owners?” “WHY did they decorate the place this way?!” LOL

Often, I am so busy taking everything in that I forget to just sit and enjoy each sip. Which is sad, because I think that is what I enjoy most. This hot tasty beverage slows this busy woman down for five minutes, just to pause and enjoy a simple cup of coffee.

Coffee is such a common thing in todays world that I think many people wonder why a common beverage can fascinate me like does? The thing is, I like it because the world of coffee is simple, yet very complex – a little like me. 🙂

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