Collins Quarter
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The Collins Quarter

Our move to Florida happened quickly. It was honestly the last place on earth I thought this snow lover would ever be! As the final transition, we drove from West Virginia and to South Florida.

One of the stops on the way down, was Savannah, Georgia. I had never been there and we only had time to visit one local coffee shop. After much research, I selected Collins Quarter.

Can I just inject here that I was overtaken by the stunning beauty of Savannah! You can feel the history and the trees are beautiful, unlike anything I had ever seen. As we walked down cobble stone sidewalks, I paused to snap so many photos trying to absorb it all until next time.

The charm of  The Collins Quarter is mesmerizing, truly. A waitress greeted us for brunch service, but hubby and I didn’t have long, so we sat at the bar. Toby’s Estate Coffee, (A roaster in New York City) is served here and my eyes lit up! I have visited Toby’s Estate in NYC multiple times and LOVE them and their coffee! Click here to read  My Review of Toby’s Estate Coffee.  In fact, writing this now makes me want to plan another visit to the big apple as soon as I can, lol!

Anyway, back to Collins Quarter……

It was my first cup of the day, so I started with a black coffee. After loving every drop, I ordered a cappuccino and began a conversation with the friendly barista behind the bar, Rebecca.  Learning who I was and what I do, she offered me a lavender vanilla mocha on the house. This is so rewarding when a coffee shop understands the influence a coffee blogger and thanks them with a complimentary drink. 🙂 I learned that the lavender syrup they use is made in house. This happened one day by accident. They had run out of lavender syrup and tried making some in house and have done so ever since with great success!

This coffee shop earned 5 stars all on its own. Stunning  interior and decor, friendly staff and delicious coffee…. a total home run!

I cannot wait to return to Savannah and see what else the local coffee presence has to offer!


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