Compass Coffee ★★★★★

I liked this cafe before I even stepped a foot inside.

Located in the Shaw neighborhood of Washington D.C., this beautiful building displays the compass logo on the corner of the brick. You walk through the door into a well lit, large cafe with a friendly feel.

I walked to the counter and with so much to choose from, had difficulty ordering, not to mention endless tins of coffee variations that I could purchase to take home with me.  I ordered a pour over and a cortado, (which is becoming my go to drink), both were full in body and left me wanting more. I was also served a complimentary cappuccino – it was perfection!

Upon learning that two former marines founded Compass Coffee with a passion to serve up, as they state, nothing  fancy, nothing too crazy or hard to pronounce, just really good.” - I knew I had to visit and I wasn’t disappointed. Their vision and passion for a solid cup of joe is apparent  within every inch of the place.

You, having read many of my reviews, may be wondering, Crystal, what makes this place different? 

  • The decor was spot on: bright, open and with a modern flair.
  • The drinks were perfect.
  • The staff made you feel right at home.

I appreciated the pride you could feel behind their beans. “REAL GOOD COFFEE” can be found on the cups and I couldn’t agree more.

Every bit of me wishes this cafe was closer so I could visit daily. These guys have something going here. I hope soon they will be able to expand to many more locations because this really is “real good coffee” at its finest! Compass Coffee

Cappuccino Traveler at Compass


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