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Copa Vida

I love San Diego, California! The weather is beautiful, the landscape is stunning and the people are friendly.

Until recently, I had family that lived in San Diego, California, so anytime there was a family event, we would go and I always hit up the local coffee. I have now been to San Diego three times and this last time I visited Copa Vida.

Copa Vida is more than just a coffee shop. With two locations in San Diego, they also serve many food items, teas & roast their own coffee. Once I found the place, I was SO excited to try this semi indoor / outdoor space. The shop is huge and many open air windows, so although you may be inside the cafe, the outdoor breezes sweep through. The place was bright and airy – so much seating!

The featured mod bar was a showstopper, so for a few minutes I just walked around, snapping pictures and taking it all in! I settled for my normal, a cappuccino, but also ordered a pour over.

My husband was working, so I was alone that day, but my yummy cappuccino kept me company. It was so peaceful as I looked around. My pour over was served in a small glass pitcher on a tray and I just LOVE that! I feel it elevates a pour over and the coffee inside the vessel. Of course it was amazing – I enjoyed every sip.

Copa Vida stands out to me because of the space. I have yet to see a shop so large with such high ceilings! It is simply stunning and peaceful. If this was my local coffee shop, I would never leave!

When vacationing in San Diego, don’t miss this beautiful coffee shop. It is walking distance of a few other local coffee shops too! In another world, I would seriously have a second home in San Diego, California. Then I could take in the beaches and outstanding local coffee anytime!



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