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Crown Brew Coffee ★★★★

Crown Brew Coffee is located in the heart of Southern Illinois in the small town of Carterville. Two friends took a passion for coffee, people, non-profits and in six days, opened up shop.

Street View

Months earlier, I was flipping through the Instagram stories and I spotted a preppy guy in glasses rummaging through some old lumber. Curiosity took over and I watched, wondering what he was going to do. The story left on a cliff hanger and got lost in my Instagram feed. For months, I continued to follow Crown Brew Coffee. I ordered their coffee for my home brewing, it was fantastic! I knew if the opportunity ever presented itself, I would visit the actual location.

This summer the opportunity came and I was SUPER excited! Finally I would be able to visit the coffee shop that I had stalked for months on Instagram. I was anxious to ask the owners WHAT they did with the wood on the Instagram stories that introduced me to Crown Brew.

I felt honored when one of the owners, Jared greeted me at the door, giving me the royal treatment! As I looked around, the coffee shop had charm that continued throughout. Brick interior walls and retro furniture, I loved the feel of the place!

I went to order my usual, a cappuccino, and was told that they didn’t have an espresso machine. I didn’t know what to think at first, I had never encountered this. Every coffee shop has an espresso machine.

When I inquired further, Jared explained, “We want you to do at home what we do here” and learn to “Brew it Better”. This was revolutionary and unique to me and I appreciated the intent behind it. Crown Brew Coffee wants to not only serve you coffee, but to give you the tools to brew better coffee at home. I identified with this because I love helping others improve their coffee at home.

The pour over I ordered was made well and the barista was very friendly. The place has such a comfortable feel to it, that I stayed for a while chatting with Jared, I didn’t want to leave. BUT, before I left I told Jarrod my Instagram story.

I told him how I stumbled onto Crown Brew and that I HAD to know what they were making with the old wood on the Instagram story. Jarrod chuckled and told me his business partner, Josh was making a pour over stand with the wood and showed me the finished product – mystery solved! ( See pic below )

Driving away from Crown Brew, my soul was refreshed, leaving a lasting impression. Coffee shops CAN be great without fancy espresso machines. Because what makes a great coffee shop is not the equipment, but the people behind the shop.







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