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Culture Craft Coffee & Espresso ★★★

It was another beautiful day in San Diego California and I was anxious to find yet another great coffee shop. As usual, using Yelp as my guide, I headed to Culture Craft Coffee & Espresso in Escondido, California. Noticing that this cafe was located in a Lexus Dealership, my curiosity was at its peak.

Pulling into a massive parking garage, I found a spot and followed the signs to Culture Coffee. The place is bright and beautiful, the staff super friendly and knowledgeable, I was glad I made the extra effort to go.

I spoke at length with the manager, who was very friendly and found out a lot about the beginnings of the cafe and how they came to choose James Coffee Company for their cafe.


I ordered my usual, which was perfect with every sip and enjoyed the beautiful bar. It was calm and peaceful and I could have sat there for hours enjoying cup after cup. I sat there thinking that this was so worth the effort of parking in a garage and into a car dealership.  Free cookies and water all provided by the dealership, complimentary.

I didn’t want to leave – the place was fantastic and I would make sure to stop in and have time to stay for a while.



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