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Dark Horse Coffee Roasters – Normal Heights ★★★

Dark Horse Coffee Roasters was recommended by a friend in the area and my contact at the San Diego Coffee Network. 

I didn’t know what to expect with a name like that and was completely caught off guard by what we saw! (In a good way, LOL ) The outside coffee decor and the building itself was very unique. We walked up several steps into the building to find a very small, eclectic space.

They offered a lovely pour over menu, cold brew and the usual items. We both ordered a cold drink and mine was very good. I also purchased some beans for the road and found a table to sit at. From where we were sitting you could see the roaster where they roast the beans,  the atmosphere was friendly, and very unique at the same time.

Dark Horse uses backgrounds from different TV shows and movies when marketing the business, I found it unique and unlike any other coffee shop I have yet to visit. This coffee shop will always stand out in my mind because it was just weird looking, but in a great way and the know their coffee! LOL They have multiple California locations and I won’t soon forget this visit. I love when coffee shops have a point of view that can be felt from the moment you drive in to the coffee bag design!

Dark Horse Coffee Roasters is such an asset to San Diego with its own special vibe and you should stop in to one of the three location they have.



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