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July 23, 2018 2 Comments

Detour Coffee is a fairly new coffee shop in Arlington, Virginia, minutes from Washington D.C..

It was just days before Christmas, but I am always excited when a new coffee shop opens and eager to show my support! 

It’s a little tricky to find Detour Coffee and the parking lot is small, although there is some street parking nearby.  The large mahogany double doors give the feeling of a fancy restaurant. There is a small foyer decorated with coffee items, posters and coffee bean burlap sacks line the ceiling. The place is large and has SO much seating! There are booths, long bars and other eclectic comfy seating. This is a place to bring all your friends, meet for coffee and stay a while!

Vigilante Coffee, a well know coffee roaster in Hyattsville, MD. is served here.  The barista was friendly and I ordered my usual, a skinny cappuccino. You can find fresh pastries and Mediterranean inspired sandwiches as well. The drink was crafted beautifully and was delicious. I so appreciate well trained baristas that do their job well. A barista can make or break a visit to a coffee shop.

Hanging from the ceiling, in the center of the cafe is a multitude of white coffee cups hanging from chains. This was the most unique feature to me, because I have never seen this anywhere else! This shop was a visual feast for the eyes, from the arrow painted on the floor to the unique coffee signs on the wall.

A few weeks later, I planned a get together with three fellow bloggers. This would be the first time meeting in person and I was a bit nervous. I wanted to select the perfect coffee shop that they all would like and would make an impression. I knew the ideal spot would be Detour Coffee! It was a success, great memories were made and now we are all good friends!  It was a memorable moment for sure! I also have to appreciate the fact that I was not alone in snapping so many pictures of my coffee, lol. It was great to be in company of like coffee minds.

Detour Coffee is a spot to come and stay for a while. The atmosphere is inviting and the coffee is great! Make sure to swing by the next time you are in Arlington, VA..


July 30, 2018


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    Kate K.

    July 24, 2018

    Great review! So glad we were able to meet in person that day! 🙂

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    July 24, 2018

    Detour coffeeshop looks like the kind of place I would love. I will have to stop by next time I’m in that area! ?