The Diary of the Cappuccino Traveler

A new coffee shop- I have butterflies in my stomach, really.

I walk through the door trying to take everything in – the decor, atmosphere, size of space, smell and– where is the counter to order?

I step to the counter and survey the menu taking everything in, knowing my order already. As the barista asks for my order, I still pause, seeming to be indisive, only to gain more time to take in the menu.

When they call my order over, I continue to look around, often so distracted my husband has to tap me on the shoulder to step aside and let the person behind me order.

I scan the place for the perfect table and when seated, continue to study the place even more. I sit there and try to get a feel for the place while anxiously waiting for my cup of joe, only then to study the coffee itself.

Is it full bodied or thin? Strong or weak? Multiple layers of flavor or simple? All this while sipping my cup of joe.

Then I begin to think about snapshots I should take to transport my readers to where I am at that moment.

This is my ritual.

It lasts for about 30-40 minutes and as I’m stepping out the door to leave, I feel sad.

I didn’t stop to just enjoy the coffee, company and the cafe itself. I was so busy taking it all in and thinking about my next Instagram picture that I’ve missed why I started this to begin with. A love for coffee. A love for a better roast, a superior bean.

Sitting here in my local coffee shop, sipping a skinny cappuccino, I will shut down my Mac and my mind to just sip and enjoy.

Crystal enjoying black coffee at Vint Hill Coffee


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  1. You described it so well! <3 We truly need to appreciate these small moments more in life. I will try doing this the next time I sit down with my warm beverage 🙂

  2. I felt like I was sitting in the coffee shop myself with the way you described it and described the way it makes you feel. I live in a small town and while I don’t appreciate a good coffee, like you do (my husband does though!)…. this makes me think of our local in town shoppe and I love getting a nice hot tea and some kind of pastry on a pretty spring day. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  3. I love your description! I often find myself feeling the same way when I go to a coffee shop for the first time 🙂 Or anytime really! I wish we had more local places where I lived!

  4. As a blogger, I sometimes like to just go out without a camera and enjoy the experience without worrying about all the other details. You captured what it feels like perfectly!

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