Ebenezers Coffee ★★★★

The building dripped with history and character – there was a story behind this place, I could feel it even before I entered the front door.

In the early 1900’s it was a diner that serviced Union Station travelers before food service was available on the trains. Sitting abandoned for almost 25 years, a local church turned this building into a coffeehouse where all of the  profits benefit community outreach projects, how neat is that? I appreciate coffee with a purpose.

They offered an extensive menu, but I stepped up and order a black coffee. As much as I enjoy a skinny cappuccino, I am finding myself ordering a black cup to begin with to scope out the quality of their roaster.

The coffee was good, the atmosphere relaxing and spacious. Above all, I fell in love with the architecture and history of the building. It’s defiantly a unique stop for sure. Ebenezer’s Coffeehouse

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  1. Just tried this place for the first time and really loved it! The space, especially the basement, is really wonderful and the baristas were so lovely <3

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