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Elementary Coffee Co.

I love a good road trip! I especially love road trips that lead to a new local coffee shop discovery! That is where this story begins.

My family and I headed to Southern Pennsylvania, specifically, Harrisburg. Just a few hours from home, the trip went by quickly and within a few hours we found ourselves at Elementary Coffee Co.

[bctt tweet=”Elementary Coffee is located at the historic Broad Street Market in Midtown Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The historic building immediately caught my eye, it is beautiful!” username=”CDallke”]

Broad Street Market

The market is alive with a variety of vendors and in the midst of these vendors you will find Elementary Coffee serving up freshly brewed beans roasted by them. I found a treasure in this market. Elementary offers a wide variety of specialty coffee drinks as well as pour overs, appeasing the third wave coffee nerd inside of me.

Third Wave Coffee refers to a current movement to produce high-quality coffee, and consider coffee as an artisanal foodstuff, like wine, rather than a commodity.

They even had a few unique drinks called “Elementary Classics”. One drink was called “The Abacus” made with mild cardamom and maple syrup. I also found an extensive cold coffee menu including nitro and cold brew coffee.

Nitro Coffee is cold coffee on tap that’s infused with tiny nitrogen bubbles, and the bubbles give this coffee a foamy texture, like beer.

There was a small sitting area for a quick pause to enjoy your coffee….I sat for a few minutes and enjoyed my AeroPress coffee made by the friendly barista.

The AeroPress is a device for brewing coffee. It was invented in 2005 by Aerobie president Alan Adler. Coffee is steeped for 10 – 50 seconds (depending on grind and preferred strength) and then forced through a filter by pressing the plunger through the tube.

Elementary Coffee is a lovely coffee shop with serving fresh coffee you will want to go back for!


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