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Everyman Espresso #1 ★

I made it, the NUMBER ONE cafe in the nation as rated by The Daily Meal. Butterflies filled my stomach as I walked thru the door of this cafe which was across from NYU, East Village and sharing a space with The Classic Stage Company.

To be frank I was completely underwhelmed. The floors were concrete, the walls stark white and the coffee area was stuck in a small corner. The only impressive thing I saw was the 2013 Barista Championship trophy sitting at the end of the counter, which they placed 4th in.

The cappuccino was okay and I stood there trying to understand why on earth this place ranked number one?

I didn’t stay long other than to snap a few pics and I left utterly perplexed.

 A month later, I was chatting with the baristas at Intelligentsia and discovered that not only did Everyman Espresso have multiple locations in New York, but he knew of the exact article of which I was referring to and told me that the review was based off a different location in New York!

Boy, did that make me feel better, solve the mystery and wonderment I had been carrying around for a month! This initial visit to Everyman Espresso  had me questioning the entire validity of “The List” that I had put on a pedestal in my mind and had been in pursuit of for almost six months. Shew! I was so relieved and to visit a different Everyman Espresso is on the top of my list next trip to the big apple! LOL

Everyman Espresso

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