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Filling Station Coffee ★★★★★

Months ago, my blog writing routine was a table at a local cafe, headphones on and one song from my playlist on repeat. It’s not the same song every time, I often begin several songs until I found just the right one. For example, as I am writing this I just switched the song that was playing because I just wasn’t feeling it, lol. (Different song now playing) Ahhhhhh, I think this is it. Okay, what was I saying? Oh yeah, sitting in a cafe beginning to write.

Since November I have been experiencing major health issues. It was unexpected and as a result my blog was on hold for over a month. I’m now managing the situation and thankful to be able to blog again. But instead of being at my local cafe, I often fix a coffee and blog to you from the comfort of my favorite chair at home. img_0198I would prefer a table at a coffee shop, but I’m thankful to be well enough to do something I absolutely love – to blog about local coffee shops I’ve visited! Okay, onto coffee shop number one of the “Kansas City Coffee Scene” series.

My husband’s family resides in Kansas, so we took the opportunity to drop the kids off at the grandparents and spend a few days in downtown Kansas City to hit up some of the hot spots! I had carefully researched the coffee shops that I wanted to visit. I had stalked some on Instagram and reached out to other Kansas City Coffee aficionados to get their opinions. This is how I stumbled onto Filling Station Coffee, the building looked super cool!

The Filling Station

I’ve visited hundreds of coffee shops from the east coast to the west and when I step in the door of a new coffee shop, I can tell within seconds if the coffee shop is going to be good or not.

As we approached the newly painted building it was even better in person than the picture I had seen on Instagram! The exterior had four bay doors and the outside style mimicked the industrial decor inside. I found the large, uncluttered cafe area to be relaxing and this location had lots of natural light as well.

When I walked in I knew this place was going to be great and would not disapoint! The cappuccino was off the hook – it was the perfect balance between milk and espresso; the foam, perfection! As we enjoyed our drinks, I noticed that they sold Messenger Coffee. I could have sat there all day, and the staff was friendly but with many more places to visit, I grabbed a cool looking sweatshirt and we were out the door!

When I return to KC, I plan on visiting their other two locations! The Filling Station is a unique coffee shop, serves amazing coffee and I would make every effort to visit and soon!

CT at The Filling Station

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