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Firefly Cafe & Bakery ★★★

I had just dropped off my son at school and that very familiar craving was rising up from within.

My morning coffee had been enjoyed a just a few hours ago, but I was longing for more and looking for a NEW cafe to enjoy it in.

For months now, friends had suggested that I try this cafe, but the limited hours had hindered me from visiting. This cafe is special and the hours the cafe is open is part of that story.

Firefly Cafe & Bakery  is owned and operated by the Winchester based non-profit organization NW Works, Inc.. NW Works provides vocational training and employment opportunities to individuals with disabilities. Their mission at NW Works is to enable adults with disabilities to select, secure, and sustain valued employment and training. This passion to give back in this area is the reason behind the early hours.

Upon learning the story behind Firefly, I couldn’t wait to go and support them and this morning was the perfect opportunity for that.

I loved the roomy interior! From booths to tabletops, there is plenty of space for you to enjoy coffee and made from scratch delicious pastries. The coffee is good and although I have had fresher coffee, I can’t escape the good feeling I get while supporting the mission of this coffee shop!


I will return and I hope you will make it your mission to check out Firefly Cafe too, knowing we are supporting individuals who deserve the opportunity to find employment and purpose despite the disabilities they face.

Firefly Cafe
My cappuccino



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