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Gather Cafe

I don’t discriminate based on the size of the shop, it’s all about the coffee really. BUT, in this case, the size of this shop is what comes to my mind when I think of Gather Cafe in Chesapeake, VA..

This is one of the largest coffee shops I have been to on the East Coast. Walking in, it took me a minute to locate the order counter. The inside is stunning too! There is a black and white industrial feel, but it also has couches, arm chairs and large tables! This place is huge! Wait, I said that, lol.

“Gather……for good coffee, good friends and a good cause.”  Gather Cafe exists to help people experience community around some of the world’s best beverages and great food. – Gather Website

The baristas were so nice and I ordered my token cappuccino, noticing that La Colombe Draft Lattes were available from a tap. AND…… If this place couldn’t get ANY better, 100% of the profits go back into the community to help those in need! Seriously, WOW?! Just when I thought local coffee could not get any better! Gather is also rated as one of the top coffee shops in Chesapeake, Virginia by Three Best Rated.

Coffee Roaster greats are served there such as Brandywine, Prescription Coffee Lab and La Colombe. They also have featured coffees, (unique drinks to them) smoothies, pour overs and baked goods. 

The cappuccino I ordered was really good and I paused for a moment to snap some pictures and take the place in, not knowing when I would return. It was a quick stop before leaving the area, but this coffee shop crosses my mind often. This would be my place to go if I lived in the area. Great for working, meetings and moms with kids. This shop is a HUGE asset to the community! 


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