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Generations Coffee Lab ★★★★★

The outside of a coffee shop is vital and tells me so much. The owner that puts thought into the esthetic look of the shop, just gets it. He understands first impressions are vital.

Standing in the doorway of a new coffee shop, I stop, look around and take everything in. I have been known to turn around and walked right back out of a cafe based on the first look. This may seem shallow, but after literally, hundreds of coffee shops visits, I have found the look of a shop to be indicative of the quality of the coffee and baristas.

Brightly colored walls, odd knick knacks and miscellaneous coffee parapheranalia can show a misguided focus as to what a coffee shop is about. A coffee shop should always be about two things, the coffee and the community. When an owner keeps this as his focus, it is reflected in the cafe clearly.


Street View


My visit to Generations Coffee Lab is proof of this very thing. As I stood in the little historic downtown of Colombiana, Ohio, outside of Generations, I knew the owner got it and this place was going to rock.

I was so thrilled, I took tons of photos even before stepping foot in the building. Upon entering, my phone did not stop snapping pics – the place was epic! It was a coffee shop converted from an old storefront building. Vintage, charming character and simple. The coffee was the focus here and you could sense it.

The baristas immediately greeted me through the barrage of pictures being taken and smiled, knowing their shop was amazing! I love it when baristas take pride in the shop where they serve coffee. This pride comes through not just in my drink, but in the kindness of the barista.

The menu was simple. The coffee served was a local roaster, Branch Street Coffee and 49th Parallel. My cappuccino was absolutely amazing.

Looking around the spacious cafe, exposed brick, lots of space, this place was one of my favorites ever! I just did not want to leave and I hate the fact that it is so far from me. The residents are so lucky to have a gold mine like this among them. This coffee shop may find itself in a quiet downtown area of Columbiana, Ohio, but is a rockstar in the coffee world and I may take a drive, just to visit Generations again!


Disclosure – Since my visit the coffee shop has now been turned into a local eatery called Generations Cafe.








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  1. Thank You for writing this post! I live in Ohio and never heard of this town it looks likes a fun quaint place.. I’m glad you enjoyed this place ❤ good to know for my future road trips

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