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Gimme! Coffee #43 ★★

The end of my day had come and I decided to hit up one last cafe in New York City from the list before heading back home, #43.

To be honest the dirty store overhang/sign distracted me a bit, but the building had character which drew me. The space was small, but I enjoyed the view- vintage light fixture and vanity that housed the cream and sugar. I could have done without the baby doll sitting on the counter sporting the branded onside they were marketing, but I ordered, “one skinny cappuccino please”. The barista friendly, the place was not busy. They had their own branded coffee and the barista said they roasted their own beans.

I quickly snapped a few pics, grabbed my capp and rushed back to the truck where my husband was double parked. To be honest I wasn’t a fan of this cappuccino. It was smokey in flavor and although many are fans of this smokiness, I am not.

I am not discouraging a visit to this cafe, but I need to visit another location maybe. After visiting their extensive website, you can see this company is very invested in the coffee culture. So, maybe another trip to NY, I will try it again. Gimme! Coffee

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